Henry Aaron baseball player, home run king
Bill Alexander US Rep from Arkansas
Lamar Alexander Lawyer, Governor of Tennessee, Secretary of Education, US Presidential candidate 1996
Gary L. Anderson         US Rep from NY
Neil Armstrong           astronaut, first man on moon, from Wapakoneta, OH
Willie Banks             Olympic & World Record holding track athlete
Albert Belle             outfielder, Chicago White Sox
Charles E. Bennett       US Rep from Florida
Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr.    Former Treasury Secretary and US Senator from Texas
Bill Bradley             Pro basketball star and US Senator from NJ
James Brady              press sec to Pres. Reagan
Milton A. Caniff         comic strip artist "Steve Canyon"
John W. Creighton, Jr.   President & CEO of Weyerhaeuser Company
William E. Dannemeyer    US Rep from Cal.
William Devries          MD, transplanted first artificial heart
Michael Dukakis          former governor of Massachusetts
Arthur Eldred            First Eagle Scout in 1912
Thomas Foley             former Speaker of the House and US Rep from WA
Murphy J. "Mike" Foster  Governor of Louisiana, Distinguished Eagle  1996 recipient
Robert M. Gates          former CIA Director, at CIA for almost 30 years, NESA President
Richard A. Gephardt      US Congressman
Michael Kahn             stage director, Oscar winning film editor
Alfred Kinsey, Dr.       insect biologist, human behavior researcher
John Koncak              Orlando Magic basketball player
Sheldon Leonard          actor, director, producer, won 3 Emmys
Gary Lock Governor of Washington State, first US governor of Asian (Chinese) descent (other than Hawaii)
Richard G. Lugar         Senator from Indiana
J. Willard Marriott, Jr. Pres. Marriott Corp.
W. Walter Menninger      Physician, Civil Servant, Distinguished Eagle Scout, Silver Buffalo Award
Michael Moore            Author and filmmaker, nominated for an Oscar for "Bowling For Columbine"
Jim Mora                 Head Coach, New Orleans Saints football team
Oswald "Ozzie" Nelson    actor, earned in 1919 at age 13
Sam Nunn                 US Senator from Georgia
Ellison Onizuka          Astronaut aboard the space shuttle Challenger
Steve Oswald             Astronaut, Navy Rear Admiral, Distinguished Eagle recipient
J. J. Pickle             US Rep from Texas, proudly displays his Distinguished Eagle plaque inside his office
Samuel R. Pierce         former Sec. Housing & Urban Development
Frederick Reines         Nobel Prize for Physics, 1995
Gary Rogers              Chairman and CEO of Dreyer's Grande Ice Cream, has 10 Eagles in his family
Jim Rogers               CEO of Kampgrounds of America (related to Gary Rogers)
Harrison Salisbury       Pulitzer Prize winning author
James Sanderson          Vice Admiral, US Navy (Retired), Deputy Chief US Atlantic Fleet
William Sessions         former FBI director
Sam Skinner Secretary of Energy during the Bush administration and now CEO of Commonwealth Edison
John Tesh                TV celebrity and pianist
Sam Walton               Businessman, Retailer
Elmo Russell Zumwalt Jr. US Navy Admiral, Chief Of Naval Operations
Wallace Stegner writer and college professor, won Pulitzer Prize in 1972 for "Angle of Repose"
Percy Sutton Attorney, Ch. of Board of City Broadcasting Corp.
Gerald Ford  U.S. President (1st Eagle to be pres.), "Junior" Ford of Troop 15, Grand Rapids, MI in 1927
, 26 MBs, including Civics, "Boy Scouts was invaluable in shaping my life."
Steven Fossett Crossed the Earth solo on 6th attempt in a hot air balloon, won the Chicago to Mackinaw boat
races, competed in the Iditorad dog race, and competed in several iron man triathlons, and
among other things lives the Scouting mottos both Cub and Boy Scout by doing his best
and being prepared
James Lovell Career Navy pilot and astronaut, President of NESA Flew on Gemini 7, 12 & Apollo 8, 13.
Apollo 13 Mission Commander.  At one time had seen more sunrises than any other
human being, Distinguished Eagle recipient.  Business executive.
Francis J. Parater Nominated for sainthood by Diocese of Richmond in Feb 2002.  One of Richmond's first
Eagle Scouts.  Died at age 22 in 1920 while at a seminary in Rome, Italy.
H. Ross Perot self made billionaire and presidential candidate, founder of Reform Party, EDS Corp.,
and The Perot Group
Steven Spielberg Movie producer and director, from Scottsdale, AZ, made a movie of his troop while getting
Photography MB
Togo D. West, Jr. Sec. Of The Army and Sec. Of Veteran Affairs during Clinton administration, Distinguished
Eagle recipient
Richard Dean Anderson  taught Reptile Study, actor
Charles F. Barber      CEO of American Smelting & refining
Jimmy Buffett          musician and singer
Bill Clinton           Cub Scout, President of US
Walter Cronkite        Journalist, TV commentator
Harrison Ford          Life, taught Reptile Study, actor "Indiana Jones"
Bill Gates             Life, founder of Microsoft Corp.
David Hartman          TV personality
Dan Jansen             Olympic Gold Medal Speed Skating, 1994 Olympics, Lillihammer
Bruce Jenner           Olympic Decathlete, Gold Medalist
John F. Kennedy        first US President who was a Scout
Branford Marsalis      Life Scout, Jazz musician
Merlin Olson           Pro football player and sportscaster
Eddie Rabbitt          Country & Western singer
John Ritter            actor, son of singer Tex Ritter
Richard Roundtree      actor
Nolan Ryan             pro baseball pitcher
Alberto Salazar        Life, 3 time winner NY marathon
Mark Spitz             Seven Gold Medals Swimming, 1972 Munich Olympic Games
James Stewart          actor, USAF B. General, B17 pilot in WWII
Joe Theisman           Life, former QB, Washington Redskins
Peter Ueberroth        Cub Scout, former Commissioner of Baseball
Norm Mineta Japanese American, spent WWII as a Boy Scout in an internment camp in Wyoming,
where he met Alan Simpson, who was a Boy Scout in a troop in Cody, WY that made
visits to their fellow Scouts in the camp.  Norm later became mayor of San Jose, CA;
a member of the US Congress, and later a Democratic Cabinet member of Republican
Pres. George W. Bush in 2001.  Also see Alan Simpson, who was a long time friend of
Alan Simpson  member of a troop in Cody, WY in WWII that visited fellow Scouts in a Japanese American
internment camp near Cody, where he met Norm Mineta, who was a long time friend.
Alan became a Republican Senator from WY and helped Norm pass the Japanese American
Compensation Act.  Also see Norm Mineta.  This story appeared in the Jan / Feb 2002
issue of Scouting Magazine.