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BP's 1933 Jamboree Farewell
The 1933 Jamboree Report
History of 11 Competencies
A Report of an Experiment
Since 1933 - A History

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click the flag to visit Frank T. Hilton's Historical Scouting Sites:

Boy Scouts of America Scouting History
A year-by-year summary of the major historical highlights of the BSA. (
Wood Badge History
World Scout Movement
Danny Schwendener, of Switzerland, provides information about International Scouting Events: World Jamborees, World Conferences, World Youth Forums, JOTI & JOTA.
History of Exploring
Don Tolin provides an excerpt from the 1995 Explorer Leader Handbook at the Explorer Homepage.
Scout History in L.D.S. Church
Paul Whittier, at Weber State University in Utah, summarises the L.D.S. relationship with the BSA.
Northern Pennsylvania Scouting History
Goose Pond Scout Reservation; OA & Eagles of Forest Lake, NE Penn., Mid-Valley, & Scranton Councils; Mohican Tribe of Gimogah.
Ernest Thompson Seton Institute, Inc.
Artist, naturalist, author, philosopher and leader par excellance. Czech Woodcraft & Worldwoodcraft
A History of the Boy Scouts of Lamoni, Iowa
Ella Neal Clements, Historian of Lamoni RLDS Church, 1973. Adapted by Jim Jones.
Dr. Forest E. Witcraft
...a biographical note.
Author of the essay "Within My Power", Scouting magazine, October 1950.
Scouting History of West Texas
First Scout Troop 1910
First Cub Pack 1930
First Sea Scouts 1930
First Air Scouts 1942
Plus MUCH more!

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Scouter Magazine has these historical scouting links

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their site is down
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The Pine Tree Web
Lewis P. Orans is one of modern day Scouting's best historians. Over the years he has done fantastic research on Scouting and then published it on his "Pine Tree Web" site in style. Any Scout Historian could spend hours on this great site!
Researching Scout History - A Guide
Researching the Scout history of your area or local unit can be a lot of fun. It is not hard to do & can provide you with many interesting facts about your community. Here are several ways that have been found by Frank T. Hilton to aid Troop Historians.
Scouting History & Traditions
Randy Worchester is one of Scouting's finest historians. He has spent years working on this site and compiling its data. Here you can find out about Scoutings founders and its history.
Historical Evolution of Scouting
Steve Henning provides historical details on a wide range of topics including the handclasp, JLT, The Modern CR (Chartered Rep.), Venuring, Cub Scouting & other topics.
History of Firecrafter
The official history of the Firecrafter honor camping fraternity in central Indiana.
History of Catholic Scouting in the US
Wealth of information on the history of Scouting in the Catholic Church in the US from 1910 to the present. Site features: historical pictures, Papal speeches on Scouting, bibliography, and much more!
The World Scout Symbol
To explain the meaning of the Scout emblem, B.-P. said, "The two stars on the two side arms stand for the two eyes of the Wolf Cub having been opened before he became a Scout.
The Story Of A Good Turn
This page gives a recount of How Scouting Started in the United Stated with William D. Boyce meeting a scout in a London Fog.
The Boy Scout: Two Statues Paper
Robert Tait McKenzie was a remarkable man - surgeon, physical educator, artist, and sculptor. He created two of the most famous sculptures of Scouting and this page compiles information from a number of sources.
Origin of the World Scouting Symbol
In Scouting's early years, critics accused B-P of trying to turn boys into soldiers, holding up as evidence the Scout symbol, which they called "a spear-head, the emblem of battle & bloodshed". The Founder quickly replied, The crest is the "Fleur-de-Lis".
Scouting History
This site is devoted entirely to Scouting. It includes: B.P., Gilwell and Scouting, B.P.'s Last Message, B.P.: The Man, B.P.: Mafeking, B.P.: Brownsea Island, The World Scout Symbol.
The African Seeds of Scouting
The South African Scout Association has done remarkable research giving us a collection of African Heritage in Scouting, from Ashanti to Zulu.
Scouting History Quiz
Get a FREE PATCH by answering these Scouting History Questions. This page is hosted by the Hamaker's Traveling Scouting Museum.

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